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> THT Draft Primer

*Scouting reports on some of the draft's top players as well as disclaimers about what to expect in this series.

> Breaking Down the Draft -- Part 1

3. Hosmer, Eric (1b, Kansas City Royls)

6. Skipworth, Kyle (C, Florida Marlins)

7. Alonso, Yonder (1b, Cincinnati Reds)

10. Castro, Jason (C, Houston Astros)

12. Weeks, Jemile (2b, Oakland Athletics)

13. Wallace, Brett (1b, St. Louise Cardinals)

14. Hicks, Aaron (CF, Minnesota Twins)

15. Martin, Ethan (3b, Los Angeles Dodgers)

16. Lawrie, Brett (C/3b, Milwaukee Brewers)

17. Cooper, David (1b, Toronto Blue Jays)

> Breaking Down the Draft: Picks 18 - 26

18. Davis, Isaac (1b, New York Mets)

19. Cashner, Andrew (RHP, Chicago Cubs)

20. Fields, Josh (RHP, Seattle Mariners)

21. Perry, Ryan (RHP, Detroit Tigers)

22. Havens, Reese (SS, New York Mets)

23. Dykstra, Allan (1b, San Diego Padres)

24. Hewitt, Anthony (OF, Philadelphia Phillies)

25. Friedrich, Christian (LHP, Colorado Rockies)

26. Schlereth, Daniel (LHP, Arizona Diamondbacks)

> Breaking Down the Draft: Picks 27 - 35

27. Gutierrez, Carlos (RHP, Minnesota Twins)

29. Chisenhall, Lonnie (SS, Cleveland Indians)

30. Kelly, Casey (SS/RHP, Boston Red Sox)

31. Hunt, Shooter (RHP, Minnesota Twins)

32. Odorizzi, Jacob (RHP, Milwaukee Brewers)

33. Holt, Brad (RHP, New York Mets)

34. Collier, Zach (OF, Philadelphia Phillies)

35. Frederickson, Evan (LHP, Milwaukee Brewers)

> Breaking Down the Draft: Picks 36 - 43

36. Montgomery, Michael (LHP, Kansas City Royals)

37. Gillaspie, Conor (3b, San Francisco Giants)

38. Lyles, Jordan (RHP, Houston Astros)

39 Lynn, Lance (RHP, St. Louis Cardinals)

40. DeVall, Brett (LHP, Atlanta Braves)

41. Flaherty, Ryan (SS/UTI, Chicago Cubs)

42. Decker, Jaff (OF, San Diego Padres)

43. Miley, Wade (LHP, Arizona Diamondbacks)

> Breaking Down the Draft: Picks 44 - 49

44. Jeremy Bleich (LHP, New York Yankees)

46. Logan Forsythe (3b, San Diego Padres)

47. Kyle Lobstein (LHP, Tampa Bay Rays)

49. Johnny Giavotella (2b, Kansas City Royals)

> Rangers Draft Review

89. Tim Murphy (LHP, Texas Rangers)

153. Clark Murphy (OF, Texas Rangers)

353. Corey Young (LHP, Texas Rangers)

Individual Player Articles

-- A --

2. Alvarez, Pedro (3b, Pittsburgh Pirates)

-- B --

1. Beckham, Gordon (SS, Chicago White Sox)

8. Beckham, Tim (SS, Tampa Bay Rays)

-- C --

28. Cole, Gerrit (RHP, New York Yankees)

9. Crow, Aaron (RHP, Washington Nationals)

-- H --

33. Holt, Brad (RHP, New York Mets)

214. Hunter, Brett (RHP, Oakland Athletics)

-- M --

200. Marshall, Brett (RHP, New York Yankees)

4. Matusz, Brian (LHP, Baltimore Orioles)

-- P --

48. Price, Bryan (RHP, Boston Red Sox)

-- S --

11. Smoak, Justin (1b, Texas Rangers)

70. Spruill, Ezekiel (RHP, Atlanta Braves)


By Article (sorted by pick selected)

> Breaking Down the Draft: Some Requests

50. Xavier Avery (CF, Baltimore Orioles)

93. Kyle Russell (OF, Los Angeles Dodgers)

115. Tim Melville (RHP, Kansas City Royals)

> Breaking Down the Draft: More Requests

53. Seth Lintz (RHP, Milwaukee Brewers)

96. Craig Kimbrel (RHP, Atlanta Braves)

174. Robert Grossman (CF, Pittsburgh Pirates)

> More Requests, Part 3

74. Tyler Chatwood (RHP, Los Angeles Angels)

78. Jacob Jefferies (C, Tampa Bay Rays)

84. Zach Stewart (RHP, Cincinnati Reds)

210. Jordan Danks (CF, Chicago White Sox)