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April 23, 2008 | By Alex Eisenberg

The Future of Yovani Gallardo

*Update (5/4): Gallardo tore his ACL recently and will be out for the year. It's a tough break for Brewer fans, but the silver lining is the fact his arm is still healthy he should be able to make a full recovery without any lingering effects.

Over at the Hardball Times, I wrote an article on the future of Yovani Gallardo. Below is an excerpt:

Yovani Gallardo's pitching mechanics Yovani Gallardo

"What makes Gallardo so good?

1. He makes batters miss. Since 2006, Gallardo has struck out about 32% of the batters he faced, and last year in Triple-A, that rate reached 35 percent. This is excellent.

2. He has plus command. Gallardo's walk percentage at the higher minor league levels was between eight and nine percent, which is a little high, but his ratio of strikeouts to walks was between 3.0 and 4.5. Again, this is excellent."