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Wednesday, October 15, 2008 | By Alex Eisenberg

Breaking Down the Draft - Some More Requests

The next three suggested players I profiled are: Seth Lintz (Brewers), Craig Kimbrel (Braves), and Robert Grossman (Pirates). Below is an excerpt on Kimbrel:

Everything is together throughout the wind-up and close to his body's core. It's much easier to coordinate all the moving parts in your delivery if everything is compact and together. Third, he's quick to the plate--no pauses or hesitation to his wind-up.

Kimbrel's stock took a hit due to his height. My theory: if you can throw, you can throw...doesn't matter how tall you are and no study has ever suggested that shorter pitchers have a higher injury rate than taller pitchers.

To compensate for his height, Kimbrel is able to generate tremendous arm speed. At foot plant, Kimbrel has yet to get his arm into a loaded position, but due to his excellent scapula load and the precise timing this load is done with, Kimbrel's arm is accelerated forward with tremendous force and produce velocity that defies his size. Of course that very well may increase his risk of injury, but without that arm action, he probably doesn't throw with the same velocity.

Craig-Kimbrel Craig Kimbrel

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