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Thursday, August 21, 2008 | By Alex Eisenberg

Scouting Pirates Third Baseman Andy Laroche

One player I have always felt was underappreciated is new Pirates third baseman Andy Laroche. No doubt he has struggled thus far in his first 60 ABs with the Pirates, but I don't have any doubts he will hit at the major league level. Below is an excerpt from article, which I wrote for Baseball Digest Daily:

Laroche is a player many will undervalue.  He walks, he hits for power, and he won't hit for a particularly high average.

Laroche has the potential to put up a .275 average, hit 25 - 30 homeruns, draw a lot of walks, and give the Pirates above average defense at third base.

In addition to the power and walks, Laroche is difficult to strikeout.  If he's able to keep his strikeouts down around 12% and get a little lucky, he may be able to hit for a .300+ average.  However, he never really showed an ability to rake in the minor leagues.  By this, I mean players who hit everything hard and who maintain high BABIP rates.  Larcoche usually had a BABIP in the .320s.

If you would like to read the breakdown on his swing as well, please use the below link: