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Thursday, August 14, 2008 | By Alex Eisenberg

Scouting Giants Draft Pick Buster Posey


Buster Posey was the 1st round draft pick of the San Francisco Giants (No. 5 overall) and went to Florida State University.

Body Type

Posey has a relatively athletic body and has room to fill out his frame.


Posey is more athletic than most catchers, possesses good footwork around the plate and projects to be an at least average defensive catcher with the potential to become plus. His arm is said to be about above average. Given that he was a shortstop before converting to catcher--that gives you a good indication of Posey's overall athleticism.

The Numbers

Posey's production as a junior at Florida State are pretty eye-popping. He was very solid his first two years, but exploded in 2008. The three homeruns from 2007 jumped to 26 and his batting average went from .382 to .463.

Posey showed off excellent plate discipline by walking about two times for every strikeout. There are also no concerns with splits (he hit both lefties and righties equally) or competition (Friday was his second most productive day in hitting--Friday is usually when every team's No. 1 starter pitches and he was almost as good in conference as he was out of conference).

To sum it up, numbers-wise, Posey has very little weakness

The Swing

Buster Posey batting practiceBuster Posey

Despite his gaudy numbers, Posey doesn't have the swing that translates to huge power. However, he does have have a swing that will allow him hit for a moderately-high batting average in addition to a lot of doubles.

Posey does a good job of carrying his weight forward, building up momentum heading into foot plant. In addition, he keeps his swing nice and short--notice how the bat stays connected with his body as his body moves forward.

A couple problems do arise. There are times when his body will continue moving forward even after his front foot has planted, which will need to be corrected. A bigger problem, however, is the tendency of his hands to get out in front of his hip rotation. He needs to learn to more consistently keep the hands back and let the ball travel deeper into his hitting zone. When he's able to do this, the power comes much easier to Posey.

Final Thoughts

While the power output is still in question, Posey should be able to hit 35+ doubles along with around 15 - 20 homeruns on a regular basis. When you combine this with a solid batting average and the willingness/ability to take a walk, Posey looks like a pretty good offensive player.

Since Posey plays at a premium defensive position, the potential to become a top-5 player at the position is there. Given the overall polish to his offensive game, Posey could move quickly.

Grade - B/B+

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