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An Interview with Bless You Boys

April 28, 2010 BY ALEX EISENBERG No Comments Yet

I did this interview in early April, but I hadn’t had the time to republish it until now. The interview was with Kurt Mensching, who does a tremendous job of running the highest trafficked Detroit Tigers fan site, Bless You Boys. During the interview, I discussed biomechanics, what steps you have to take to learn to do what I do, the Detroit Tigers farm system and draft philosophy, and various Tiger prospects, including Austin Jackson, which I excerpt below:

Jackson is a difficult guy to evaluate…I know you read my scouting report on him, which documented his many swings over the years. His most recent swing had him getting rid of his big leg kick…I hypothesized that the change was made because without the leg kick, he would have an easier time adjusting to off-speed pitches, which would help reduce his strikeouts. Of course, his most productive period occurred when he was using that big leg kick.

I then saw an MLB.com video of Jim Duquette discussing Jackson and he basically confirmed that the Yankees did indeed work with Jackson on a new swing to help him minimize strikeouts and that the Tigers have…

To read the rest of the interview, please click here

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