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Looking Back: Angels Top Prospects of 2010 Review

August 30, 2010 BY ALEX EISENBERG 2 Comments

With the season winding down, I thought it would be appropriate to look back at my 2010 top prospect lists and see how I did in my projections and how each team’s farm system held up over the course of the season.

I know what John Sickels goes through in doing his mid-season reviews, so I need to emphasize: the list below reflects each prospect’s status prior to the 2010 season. This is not a new list. Please keep that in mind.

The first team up is the Los Angeles Angels:

    1. Mike Trout | CF | Age – 18 | Grade – B+

Has lived up to the hype…he was the No. 38 prospect on my top-100 prospect list, which was one of the more aggressive rankings at the time. He’s probably now one of the top-5 prospects in all of baseball

    2. Trevor Reckling | LHP | Age – 20 | Grade – B

Command has really deserted him this year and he’s not missing many bats either…probably should have given more weight to his poor showing in Double-A last year

    3. Hank Conger | C | Age – 22 | Grade – B

No. 72 on the top-100 list, it’s been another solid season for Conger, though not spectacular…again showing excellent plate discipline, but his power hasn’t really returned to pre-2009 levels…in reality, it all comes down to whether his defense will play at the Major League level

    4. Garrett Richards | RHP | Age – 22 | Grade – B-/B

A strong season for Richards…I have my concerns, but I really do like the arm. Click here for an updated scouting report…

    5. Peter Bourjos | CF | Age – 23 | Grade – B-/B

Absolutely PHENOMENAL range in center field…he’ll probably exceed the cut off point for ABs to qualify for next year’s list.

    6. Jordan Walden | RHP | Age – 21 | Grade – B-

A difficult guy to grade coming into the season and he hasn’t made it any easier this season…he’s got great stuff, but his numbers are underwhelming

    7. Tyler Skaggs | LHP | Age – 18 | Grade – B-

Traded to the Diamondbacks in the Dan Haren deal…I like him a lot…still has a good deal of projection left

    8. Fabio Martinez-Mesa | RHP | Age – 20 | Grade – B-

Difficult to judge…still missing a lot of bats, but he’s walking way too many hitters. Currently on the DL. Click here for an updated scouting report…

    9. Jon Bachanov | RHP | Age – 21 | Grade – C+

Having a mediocre year before going down with an injury…red flags from last year included a small sample size of success and how hittable he was despite an excellent K:BB ratio

    10. Tyler Kehrer | LHP | Age – 22 | Grade – C+

Command is the big issue here…he’s been adjusting his mechanics in-season, which has probably played a part in his struggles. Has been better of late…

    11. Randal Grichuk | OF | Age – 18 | Grade – C+

Plate discipline still scares me, but he’s raised his stock. He’s been on a roll over his last 110+ ABs…

    12. Ryan Chaffee | RHP | Age – 22 | Grade – C+

Peripherals are better than his ERA indicates, but that still doesn’t make this a good season for Chaffee.

    13. Alexia Amarista | 2b | Age – 21 | Grade – C+

Performed across two levels and is now trying to figure out Triple-A…doesn’t have big upside, but I like him

    14. Jean Segura | 2b | Age – 20 | Grade – C+

Proving last year was no fluke…has gotten better in each and every month this year

    15. Michael Kohn | RHP | Age – 23 | Grade – C+

Continues to miss bats, but walks need to be cut down…currently adjusting to Major League hitting…

    16. Tyler Chatwood | RHP | Age – 20 | Grade – C+

He’s definitely improved from 2009, but he’s struggled to miss bats in Double-A and he still has to cut down on the walks if he’s to remain a starter. I probably underrated him coming into the season, however.

    17. Chris Pettit | OF | Age – 26 | Grade – C+

He’s been out all year with a shoulder injury.

    18. Carlos Ramirez | C | Age – 20 | Grade – C+

I’m surprised by just how much he’s struggled this year.

    19. Patrick Corbin | LHP | Age – 21 | Grade – C+

Traded with Skaggs to Arizona for Dan Haren…if he wasn’t trade, Corbin would have likely climbed the highest of any prospect in the Angels organization

    20. Trevor Bell | RHP | Age – 23 | Grade – C+

He’s been a serviceable player for the Angels, but probably won’t be anything more than that…

    21. Will Smith | LHP | Age – 21 | Grade – C+

Traded to Kansas City…status remains the same…probably a long reliever when all is said and done

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order): Rolando Gomez (SS) | Dillon Baird (1b) | Andrew Taylor (LHP) (sleeper bullpen prospect) | Clay Fuller (CF) | Buddy Boshers (LHP) | Freddy Sandoval (3b) | Tommy Mendoza (RHP) | Mark Trumbo (1b) | David Carpenter (RHP) | Eddie McKiernan (RHP) | Yeison Almeida (RHP) | Orangel Arenas (RHP)

Of the honorable mentions, Mark Trumbo has stepped up this year. Luis Jimenez, who is not mentioned, is also an interesting prospect.

Bottom Line

Overall, you can’t have one prospect move into elite status and several other guys make progress and not call it a successful year for your farm system. Yes, the Angels have had some setbacks, but their draft will help fill the spots of the prospects that have regressed.


  • Justin Schilo said:

    How about Trumbo? I now he is hitting a lot of Homers but, how does the rest of his game translate to the Majors? And, do you think he can/will make an impact this year or next in the Majors?

    I enjoy your writings,Thank you


  • Alex Eisenberg (author) said:

    Yeah, I mentioned him having stepped up this year under the honorable mentions. Remember this is not a new prospect list, just a review.

    He’ll upgrade from his honorable mention ranking last season, though I’m not sure if he’s a top-15 guy yet…it will depend on how I feel about the players the Angels drafted this year. But he has real, Major League power. He’s improved his BB% this year and while he’s not a high contact guy, his K% isn’t in red flag territory. Almost all his value is in his bat, so is he a regular? Probably not. But he can be useful role player add some power off the bench. I haven’t gotten to see him much this year, so I’ll get a better idea when I begin scouting prospects this offseason.