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White Sox Prospects, No’s 6 – 15

    6. Dayan Viciedo | 3b | Age – 21 | Grade – C+
    7. Trayce Thompson | OF | Age – 19 | Grade – C+
    8. David Holmberg | LHP | Age – 18 | Grade – C+
    9. Miguel Gonzalez | C | Age – 19 | Grade – C+
    10. Christian Marrero | 1b/OF | Age – 23 | Grade – C+
    11. C.J. Retherford | 2b/UTI | Age – 24 | Grade – C+
    12. Santos Rodriguez | LHP | Age – 22 | Grade – C+
    13. Jhonny Nunez | RHP | Age – 24 | Grade – C+
    14. Josh Phegley | C | Age – 22 | Grade – C
    15. John Shelby Jr. | OF | Age – 24 | Grade – C

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Grades are based on a prospect’s projected value over the course of his career and how likely it is that prospect will fulfill his projected value. Various factors are accounted for including upside, red flags, actual performance, and closeness to the majors. See the 2010 Prospect Primer for more information as it relates to prospect grading and philosophy.

Hitters must have 100 or fewer Major League ABs to qualify for this list. Starting pitchers must have 50 or fewer Major League innings to qualify for this list. Relief pitchers must have 25 or fewer Major League innings to qualify for this list. Ages are listed as of May 1st, 2010. Levels are based on the highest level in which a prospect played in 2009. All grades are subject to change based on any new information I receive before the season starts.

If you need to reach me in any way, please contact me via e-mail or post a comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. The first two prospects are available for everybody to read.

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6. Dayan Viciedo | 3b | Age – 21
Double-A Birmingham | Signed – Cuba, 2008

Player Grades
Contact – 45 Now | 55 Future
Power – 45 | 60
Discipline – 40 | 50
Speed – 40 | 35
Defense – 45 | 50
Arm – 50 | 50
Instincts – 45 | 55
ETA – 2012
Final Grade – C+

Body Type – Big body…he’ll have to watch his conditioning down the road

Scouting Report

The hype machine got a bit out of hand for Dayan Viciedo. The White Sox aggressively started the 20 y/o in Double-A and not surprisingly, he struggled.

Still, it’s hard to classify last season as anything but a disappointment. He failed to hit for much power and showed little patience at the plate. He really struggled against breaking balls often looking inept against them.

Viciedo struggled to consistently center the ball, swinging through fastballs or fouling them off, but when he did connect, the contact was usually of the hard variety. Part of the problem was Viciedo swinging for the fences more often than not. He swings extremely hard and doesn’t adjust for the situation at hand, making it more difficult for him to center the ball.

*Credit to TriB81

Viciedo has tremendous raw strength and plenty of bat speed. In addition, he’s able to keep his swing relatively short in the process though he does wrap his bat behind his head, which adds to the length.

Viciedo also has to work on keeping his weight back as he gets too far out in front on his front foot at times. This happens often when he’s thrown an off-speed pitch and usually you’ll see him ground out meekly as a result.

It’s easy to forget that Viciedo is just 20 y/o and we have to ask ourselves how many other 20 y/o prospects would fare in Double-A in their first season of pro ball? I think most would say not well.

Now, I have seen the comparison made to fellow Cuban Kendry Morales, but I don’t think that comparison holds weight — at least this point. I saw the comparison made by Phil Rogers in a Baseball America chat. Here is the exact quote:

In Morales’ first US season, he was 21 and hit .306 with 17 homers and only 17 walks at Double-A. That’s similar to Viciedo, who was younger. Morales would need another 205 games to get to the big leagues to stay. The expectations for Morales were a little bigger than those for Viciedo. I do think it’s a good parallel.

I say the comparison is a pretty big stretch because Morales put up an .879 OPS in Double-A, hitting for both average and power. Morales hit 17 home runs and drew 17 walks in 301 PAs, while Viciedo hit 12 home runs and drew 23 walks in 540 PAs. That is a huge difference and if Viciedo were to put up the kind of numbers Morales put up, he’d be a top-25 prospect, easy.

With that being said, there were definitely some positives to come out of Viciedo’s season. For one, he did hold his own. I don’t think he was overmatched by any stretch. He also made contact at a pretty solid rate. You also have to like the trend of Viciedo’s numbers as the season progressed:

April – .221/.232/.286/.518
May – .293/.314/.397/.711
June – .276/.336/.410/.746
July – .303/.354/.472/.826
August – .278/.320/.356/.676
September – .321/.367/.429/.796

There was a blip in August, but overall a positive trend line.

Defensively, Viciedo’s range is only average, but his hands are soft and he makes the plays he gets to. The hope is that he can stay at third and his conditioning will go a long way toward determining this. He’ll lose value if he has to move off the position.

Best Case Outcome – I’m still not sure, but I think he could be an above average everyday third baseman if everything goes right

More Likely Outcome – Again, I’m not sure…I’d like to see how he does with a year of experience under his belt

7. Trayce Thompson | OF | B – R | Age – 19
Bristol (Rookie) | Drafted – Round 2 (61), 2009

Player Grades
Contact – 30 Now | 50 Future
Power – 35 | 65
Discipline – 30 | 55
Speed – 55 | 55
Defense – 45 | 55
Arm – 60 | 60
Instincts – 40 | 55
ETA – 2015
Final Grade – C+

I wrote about Trayce Thompson in August of last year. The premise of the article was to note the similarities between he and Marlins top prospect Mike Stanton. Why the comparison?

Both are tremendous athletes with huge projection, similar rawness, similar tools, similar swings, similar builds, and similar first year results:

Trayce Thompson – .198/.265/.245/.510
Mike Stanton – .161/.226/.268/.494

Stanton, as we all know, blossomed into one of the game’s best prospects. But it’s also worth mentioning cases like Stanton are few and far between. It’s a rare occurrence for a player to do what Stanton did. And you can argue that Stanton’s success was as much about his make-up, work ethic, and baseball instinct as it was about his tools. But if you are looking for a guy with the tools to make a similar jump that Stanton did, Thompson would be the guy. Whether he has the intangibles and the ability to transfer those tools into production is a different story.

Best Case Outcome – Huge upside…I’d say look at Mike Stanton as your best case scenario

More Likely Outcome – Too soon to say

Brief Rundown on Prospects 8 – 15

8. David Holmberg | LHP | Grade – C+ – Promising pitcher with command of a deep repertoire of pitches…body type and fastball are question marks

9. Miguel Gonzalez | C | Grade – C+ – A true catcher put up good numbers in Rookie ball and is a sleeper to watch for next season

10. Christian Marrero | 1b/OF | Grade – C+ – Not a high upside player, but could be a useful utility player/platoon player at 1b, LF, and RF

11. C.J. Retherford | 2b/UTI | Grade – C+ – Another utility player, but at different positions…White Sox are experimenting with using Retherford at catcher, which would increase his value if successful

12. Santos Rodriguez | LHP | Grade – C+ – Huge left arm, but very raw

13. Jhonny Nunez | RHP | Grade – C+ – MLB-ready right hander should be a solid middle reliever at the big league level

14. Josh Phegley | C | Grade – C – Offensive catcher struggled in his first go round of pro ball…most questions are about his ability to stay behind the plate

15. John Shelby Jr. | OF | Grade – C – Really disappointing season for the center fielder…organization is hoping for a bounce back year

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15. John Shelby Jr. | OF | B – R | Age – 24
Double-A Birmingham | Drafted – Round 5, 2006

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