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Use the contact form below to send me feedback, ask any questions, report any technical problems, suggest a player you want to see covered, or to tell me anything else on your mind.

Be sure to read the four things you should know before contacting me, located below the contact form. This gives you an overview of how long you’ll typically have to wait for a response and my method for checking mail…

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4 Things to Know Before Contacting Me:

1. To avoid the habit of constantly checking my email, I tend to write my emails out in one sitting. So while I’m almost certain to get back to you, it likely won’t be right away.

2. I try to respond to emails within three or so days, but during periods of intensive work — like now for instance, as my focus is almost entirely devoted to writing and publishing each team’s top-15 prospect list) — the wait might be a little bit longer.

3. I typically don’t check my mail on Friday or Saturday.

4. Just because work forces me to sometimes put off my responses, don’t let that discourage you from contacting me. I welcome and encourage all emails and I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I just ask you for a little patience in me getting back to you. Thanks for understanding.