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Premium Content Houston Astros Top-15 Prospects of 2010, No’s 6 – 15

March 24, 2010 BY ALEX EISENBERG No Comments Yet

Astros Prospects, No’s 6 – 15

    6. Juri Perez | RHP | Age – 19 | Grade – C+
    7. Ross Seaton | RHP | Age – 20 | Grade – C+
    8. T.J. Steele | CF | Age – 23 | Grade – C+
    9. Jon Gaston | OF | Age – 23 | Grade – C+
    10. Jay Austin | CF | Age – 19 | Grade – C+
    11. Henry Villar | RHP | Age – 22 | Grade – C+/C
    12. Matt Nevarez | RHP | Age – 23 | Grade – C+/C
    13. Enrique Hernandez | INF | Age – 18 | Grade – C
    14. Fernando Abad | LHP | Age – 24 | Grade – C
    15. Telvin Nash | LF | Age – 19 | Grade – C

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Grades are based on a prospect’s projected value over the course of his career and how likely it is that prospect will fulfill his projected value. Various factors are accounted for including upside, red flags, actual performance, and closeness to the majors. See the 2010 Prospect Primer for more information as it relates to prospect grading and philosophy.

Hitters must have 100 or fewer Major League ABs to qualify for this list. Starting pitchers must have 50 or fewer Major League innings to qualify for this list. Relief pitchers must have 25 or fewer Major League innings to qualify for this list. Ages are listed as of May 1st, 2010. Levels are based on the highest level in which a prospect played in 2009. All grades are subject to change based on any new information I receive before the season starts.

If you need to reach me in any way, please contact me via e-mail or post a comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. The first two prospects are available for everybody to read.

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6. Juri Perez | RHP | Age – 19
Greeneville (Rookie) | Signed – Venezuela, 2007

Player Grades
Fastball – 45 Now | 55 Future
Curveball – 35 | 40
Change-Up – 50 | 60
Control – 45 | 55
Command – 45 | 50
Pitchability – 45 | 55
ETA – 2014
Final Grade – C+

Body Type – Very small and undersized


Fastball – Sits in the high 80′s to upper 90′s, touching 93. He could add more velocity as he fills out.

Change-Up – Already a big league pitch with excellent deception and an ability to maintain his arm speed. The pitch has excellent sink as it approaches home plate.

Curveball – Below average pitch that he still doesn’t have a real good feel on.

Scouting Report

Juri Perez is little under the-radar because he’s undersized, coming in under six feet and weighing less than 160 pounds. However, his stuff is better than his size indicates as shown by his excellent K% last season (26.7 percent). He does a good job of throwing strikes though he could still stand to improve some in that area. He’s able to keep hitters off balance with his change-up, which can make it difficult for hitters to make hard contact against him.

Perez was a little homer friendly, with 10% of all fly balls he gave up leaving the yard, indicating he has to be more consistent with his location.

Whether Perez profiles as a starter or a reliever might depend on the development of his curveball. The problem is that the curveball is often a pitch you either have or you don’t. It’s not something you really see going from poor to great…the improvements are usually incremental, like good to great. So if Perez can get his curveball to be a Major League average pitch, that would be a major accomplishment on his part.

Perez should start next season in Lexington.

Best Case Outcome – No. 3 starter perhaps…not entirely sure yet

More Likely Outcome – Too soon to say

7. Ross Seaton | RHP | Age – 20
Single-A Lexington | Drafted – Round 3, 2008

Player Grades
Fastball – 45 Now | 50 Future
Slider – 45 | 45
Curveball – 45 | 50
Change-Up – 50 | 55
Control – 50 | 60
Command – 40 | 50
Pitchability – 50 | 60
ETA – Late 2012
Final Grade – C+

You can read my write up on Ross Seaton by clicking here.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with what I saw, but there are some obvious mechanical changes he can make that would potentially be something that could give his stuff a little boost up in quality.

Best Case Outcome – Back of the rotation starter though I do think he has the natural talent to be better

More Likely Outcome – Reliever

Brief Rundown on Prospects 8 – 15

8. T.J. Steele | CF | Grade – C+ – Athletic and good defensive center fielder, he has some pop, but he has to work on his patience/discipline

9. Jon Gaston | OF | Grade – C+ – Plus raw power, but he has to cut down on his strikeouts

10. Jay Austin | CF | Grade – C+ – Made big strides last year, but still a very raw baseball product…you can see him in action throughout many of my Premium-based articles

11. Henry Villar | RHP | Grade – C+/C – Doesn’t have outstanding stuff, but he has a solid three-pitch mix and has good control of all his pitches…see him in action by clicking here

12. Matt Nevarez | RHP | Grade – C+/C – He does a nice job of missing bats and improved his control last year…profiles in middle relief

13. Enrique Hernandez | INF | Grade – C – An interesting guy to watch, he performed well for a 17 y/o in the Gulf Coast League

14. Fernando Abad | LHP | Grade – C – Lefty with good control/command who survived a difficult environment in Lancaster last year

15. Telvin Nash | LF | Grade – C – Massive player, but not a bad athlete for his size…very raw but big time power potential

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15. Telvin Nash | LF | B – R | Age – 19
GCL (Rookie) | Drafted – Round 3 (100), 2009

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