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Premium Content Is Matt Adams for Real?

August 23, 2011 BY ALEX EISENBERG 6 Comments
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Not a great deal of attention has been paid to Cardinals first base prospect Matt Adams, and it’s understandable why. It takes a lot for a 22nd round draft pick who plays first base, is not all that projectable, and isn’t really young for his level to get noticed. But since entering the league in 2009, all he’s done is rake and he’s ascended through the system at a fairly rapid pace, skipping over the Florida State League this season to play in Double-A, where he hasn’t missed a beat, and has actually improved on his numbers from last season, when he played in the Midwest League.

On film, the first thing you notice is Adams’ size. He’s a large, imposing figure and he comes equipped with a lot of strength. This is evident on the first pitch of the video below. On a pitch down and on the outside corner, Adams just goes down and gets it, going the other way, and rocketing the ball out of the ballpark for a home run.

Adams’ numbers accurately portray what he looks like on video. He’s very aggressive at the…

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    • William Munson said:

      Nice piece on Adams Alex. I think the Cardinals will work with him this winter on conditioning.

    • William Munson said:

      Looks like Adams goes to AFL this fall.

      By the way, what could possibly keep Taveras off the top 100 list this winter. That guy is an animal. .381 BA and 1.024 OPS. 19 years old! Wow.

    • Alex Eisenberg (author) said:

      I love what I saw from Taveras on film. Tremendous bat speed…has a nice swagger to him as well.

      Coming out with a Zack Cox article in the not too distant future.

    • William Munson said:

      Cox has been hotter than a firecracker lately. Similar MO to Palm Beach. Slow start, continuous build up and then Pow! His defense improving but remains his achilles.

      Taveras and Adams on a list of 7 going to AFL. Adams priority listed.

      Taveras will be second youngest player in the league.

      Cardinals also going:

      SS Ryan Jackson

      RHP Keith Butler

      LHP Justin Wright

      RHP David Kopp

      LHP Tyler Lyons

    • Alex Eisenberg (author) said:

      I’ll be honest, I haven’t been that impressed with Cox this year. But he has been hot to end the season.

      As for the other participants, Jackson intrigues me the most. He’s an excellent defensive shortstop, and I think enough offensive potential is there to at least be a utility guy. He needs to get his walks up though.

    • » Scouting Zack Cox said:

      [...] Is Matt Adams for Real? [...]