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Premium Content Julio Teheran vs. the Cal League All Stars

December 23, 2010 BY ALEX EISENBERG No Comments Yet
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KEY PROSPECTS WE’RE WATCHINGJulio Teheran (RHP, Atlanta Braves) | Rich Poythress (1b, Seattle Mariners) | Jordan Pacheco (C, Colorado Rockies) | Brandon Short (LF, Chicago White Sox) | Drew Cumberland (SS | San Diego Padres) | Blake Tekotte (CF | San Diego Padres) | Tyson Auer (CF | Los Angeles Angels) | Juan Perez (CF | San Francisco Giants)


A quick note on video structure…videos are edited to include only key and legitimate prospects. Time between pitches and between innings are edited out. Games are edited so you can scout and evaluate a prospect in the most convenient and quickest way possible.

This article gives you a little bit of everything with Atlanta Braves pitching prospect Julio Teheran. His strengths and his weaknesses are there to see and his potential was well on display. Any weakness he showed were completely negated by the number of positives I saw.

Sure, this is based off a short two-inning stint, but his performance did come against some good players. Not all of them are prospects, but all had a good 2010 season. The key prospects faced by Teheran include: Rich Poythress (Mariners), Jordan Pacheco (Rockies), Drew Cumberland (Padres), Blake Tekotte (Padres), Tyson Auer (Angels), and Juan Perez (Giants). Continue reading for a pitch-by-pitch breakdown of these head-to-head match-ups….

vs. Rich Poythress – 0:11

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