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Link Love for 6-18-09

June 18, 2009 BY ALEX EISENBERG No Comments Yet
  • Kevin Kaduk supports Bryce Harper’s decision to forgo his final two years of high school, which would then allow Harper to declare for the 2010 MLB draft. I basically agree with Kaduk…Harper is a unique case and hopefully parents of less talented kids don’t take the same route Harper does.
  • Aaron Schafer has a thought-provoking post at Viva el Birdos about pitch counts among other things. He asks many questions that hopefully somebody will be able to answer in a non-subjective, fully quantifiable way.
  • The Detroit Tigers Weblog has some tough words about Dontrelle Willis. Bill Ferris also makes the case that Brandon Inge is worthy of an All-Star bid (H/T to Bless You Boys)
  • Erik Manning of Future Redbirds breaks down the hitters in the Cardinals draft class using statistical data.
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