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Los Angeles Angels Top-15 Prospects of 2010, No’s 6 – 15

December 29, 2009 BY ALEX EISENBERG No Comments Yet

Angels Prospects, No’s 6 – 15

    6. Jordan Walden | RHP | Age – 21 | Grade – B-
    7. Tyler Skaggs | LHP | Age – 18 | Grade – B-
    8. Fabio Martinez-Mesa | RHP | Age – 20 | Grade – B-
    9. Jon Bachanov | RHP | Age – 21 | Grade – C+
    10. Tyler Kehrer | LHP | Age – 22 | Grade – C+
    11. Randal Grichuk | OF | Age – 18 | Grade – C+
    12. Ryan Chaffee | RHP | Age – 22 | Grade – C+
    13. Alexia Amarista | 2b | Age – 21 | Grade – C+
    14. Jean Segura | 2b | Age – 20 | Grade – C+
    15. Michael Kohn | RHP | Age – 23 | Grade – C+

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Grades are based on a prospect’s projected value over the course of his career and how likely it is that prospect will fulfill his projected value. Various factors are accounted for including upside, red flags, actual performance, and closeness to the majors. See the 2010 Prospect Primer for more information as it relates to prospect grading and philosophy.

Hitters must have 100 or fewer Major League ABs to qualify for this list. Starting pitchers must have 50 or fewer Major League innings to qualify for this list. Relief pitchers must have 25 or fewer Major League innings to qualify for this list. Ages are listed as of May 1st, 2010. Levels are based on the highest level in which a prospect played in 2009. All grades are subject to change based on any new information I receive before the season starts.

If you need to reach me in any way, please contact me via e-mail or post a comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. The first two prospects are available for everybody to read.

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6. Jordan Walden | RHP | Age – 21
Double-A Arkansas | Drafted – 12th Round, 2006

Player Grades
Fastball – 60 Now | 60 Future
Slider – 50 | 55
Curveball – 45 | 50
Change-Up – 40 | 45
Control – 40 | 50
Command – 40 | 45
Pitchability – 45 | 55
ETA – 2011
Final Grade – B-

Body Type – A big-bodied pitcher at 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds


Fastball – At it’s best, the pitch is clocked in the mid-90′s with good tailing action as well as some sink. However, the velocity is inconsistent, sometimes dropping down to the upper 80′s.

Slider – Hard, sharp, and late breaking, but he struggles to throw it for strikes

Curveball – Walden also has low – mid 70′s curveball that he doesn’t use as much as the slider, though he commands it better

Change-Up – Still lagging behind his other pitches and he needs to continue throwing it to get a better feel for it

Scouting Report

Walden has some red flags that worry me. He’s a young pitcher with risky, high effort mechanics who dealt with both forearm and elbow injuries to his throwing arm last season.

Despite the risk, Walden still has undeniable upside, which is what makes him such a difficult prospect to rank. You really don’t know what you’re going to get. He’s got the stuff to both miss bats and generate ground balls, but in order to be successful, he must improve the overall command of his pitches.

What’s interesting is that his command only started becoming an issue once he was promoted to A+ Rancho Cucamonga in the California League in 2008. He immediately started having problems commanding the ball to left handed hitters. His walk rate against lefties was 5.14 against lefties while pitching for Rancho in 2008 and it was 7.83 while pitching for Double-A Arkansas in 2009.

When you look at the fact that Walden has high effort mechanics, durability concerns, and trouble controlling his pitches against lefties, it makes perfect sense to put him in the bullpen and fast track him the majors.

Best Case Outcome – No. 3 starter or a really good set-up man

More Likely Outcome – Power arm out of the bullpen

7. Tyler Skaggs | LHP | Age – 18
Orem (Rookie) | Drafted – Round 1A (40), 2009

Player Grades
Fastball – 45 Now | 55 Future
Curveball – 50 | 55
Change-Up – 35 | 45
Control – 45 | 60
Command – 40 | 55
Pitchability – 40 | 55
ETA – 2014
Final Grade – B-

I profiled Tyler Skaggs before last year’s draft and I only have a couple things to add.

I came across a Baseball Beginnings interview in which Skaggs states he throws a hard slider, which is news to me. He actually says it’s better than his curveball. I’ve also seen reports about his change-up progressing.

Skaggs was signed in time for him to get in a couple professional innings under his belt. It was only 10 innings of work, but he had little trouble disposing of hitters.

If recent history suggests anything, the Angels will likely challenge Skaggs by placing him in Single-A Cedar Rapids of the Midwest League. They did the same thing for recent high draft picks Tyler Chatwood and Ryan Chaffee.

Best Case Outcome – No. 3 starter…maybe a No. 2 starter depending on his development

More Likely Outcome – Too soon to say

Brief Rundown on Prospects 8 – 14

8. Fabio Martinez-Mesa, RHP – Big upside pitcher with big time stuff, but poor command…he also wasn’t particularly young for his league…high risk, high reward

9. Jon Bachanov, RHP – Starting at this spot, you have nine players that could rank anywhere from 9 – 18. In all honesty, ask me on any other day, and the order will probably be different. That being said, I’m going with Bachanov here because he has the best present command of any pitcher left to rank on this list. Bachanov doesn’t come without questions…he’s pitched very few innings as a professional and we still don’t know whether he’ll stay healthy in the future.

10. Tyler Kehrer, LHP – Lefty with good stuff and inconsistent command…I have more on Kehrer here

11. Randal Grichuk, OF – Like his upside, but his plate discipline was awful in the AZL

12. Ryan Chaffee, RHP – Good stuff, deep repertoire, but very shaky command

13. Alexia Amarista, 2b/UTI – Undersized second baseman has limited upside, but plays great defense, is versatile, and has displayed good plate discipline at a young age thus far in his career

14. Jean Segura, 2b – Similar to Amarista, but not as good defensively…probably has more upside as he’s an extremely high contact hitter with a quick bat…sleeper for next season. More on Segura here

Many of these guys are candidates to see their grades jump up a level by the end of the next year. In fact, I’m thinking it over and couple of these prospects I probably should have given a little bit higher of a grade. I’ll revisit the list in the near future.

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15. Michael Kohn | RHP | Age – 23
A+ Rancho Cucamonga | Drafted – Round 13, 2008

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I’ve seen a few people question what exactly is meant by Kohn’s short arm action. I’ll show you what it means and include video on how his arm action makes it difficult for hitters to pick up the ball out of his hand.

Other C+ Prospects

16. Tyler Chatwood, RHP – Two above average to plus pitches, but very questionable command…mechanically he has problems as well

17. Chris Pettit, OF – Can hit for average while making contact at a solid rate, but he doesn’t walk much nor does he show better than average power, which isn’t enough for a corner outfielder…at best he’s a fourth outfielder

18. Carlos Ramirez, C – Nobody questions that he can hit, but many wonder whether he’ll be able to stay at catcher…should he move off the position, he could still be a viable back first base type…see more on Ramirez by clicking here

19. Patrick Corbin, LHP – A definite sleeper for next season…could improve his average fastball velocity by filling out his projectable frame..already has good control and change-up profiles as a potential plus pitch (his arm action is conducive for a good change-up)…breaking ball has improved, but needs to throw it for strikes…I hope to have more on Corbin at some point in the future

20. Trevor Bell, RHP – Major League ready right hander with average stuff and good control…future probably lies in the bullpen as a middle reliever or long man

21. Will Smith, LHP – Solid, but unspectacular lefty with good control/command, but only average stuff and he doesn’t have much projection left…potential No. 5 starter/swing man out of the bullpen

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