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Minor Musings for 6-7-10: the 2010 MLB Draft

June 7, 2010 BY ALEX EISENBERG 3 Comments

With draft day now here, I wanted to offer some thoughts on a random selection of players, all of whom will be drafted at some point over the next three days. I hope to do some more in-depth profiles once the draft is behind us…

The Bats

Josh Sale | OF | Bishop Blanchet HS (Washington) – He reminds me of Brett Wallace with his thick lower half. Sale I believe has better raw power, but doesn’t have quite the bat skills. Intelligent player with excellent make-up.

Nick Castellanos | 3b | Archbishop McCarthy HS (Florida) – He’s a first round pick, but he seems to be floating under the radar. He’s got a good approach at the plate, using the entire field…good power potential with room to add size and his swing is a good one for developmental coaches to work with

Kris Bryant | 3b | Bonanza High School (Las Vegas, Nevada) – Really pretty swing, but I’ve seen his bat speed questioned in a couple of different places and that does worry me

Jarrett Parker | CF | Virginia – He’s a good athlete, but I just don’t see his game translating well to the pro level

Delino DeShields Jr. | CF | Norcross HS (Georgia) – A tremdous athlete obviously with Major League bloodlines, Deshields has a quick bat, but inconsistent mechanics. His approach is more line drive oriented and his swing is handsy. I’m not sure how well his bat will play against high level pitching. High upside, but high risk as well

Todd Cunningham | OF | Jacksonville State – I don’t see him as a star player, but more of a good all around one. He’s got a nice swing from both sides of the plate and good athleticism

Yordy Cabrera | SS | Lakeland HS (Florida) – Intriguing player with good athleticism for his size and a strong arm. He generates excellent bat speed and has plus power potential. He’s old for a high school prospect and he hasn’t faced really good pitching yet, so he does come with red flags

Michael Lorenzen | OF | Fullerton Union HS (California) – A sleeper prospect for me…not a star, but a really good all around player. I like his swing and approach at the plate and he has a tremendous arm in right field.

Christian Colon, SS, Cal-State Fullerton – I think he’s a good prospect and a relatively safe one at that, but I don’t see the upside. He looks more like a solid regular and I’d want something more out of a first round pick.

Drew Vettleson | OF/RHP | Central Kitsap HS (Washington) – Another sleeper…projectable body and a good athlete with a nice swing and an idea of what he wants to do at the plate

Christian Yelich | 1b | Westlake HS (California) – He’s got a great body type — very projectable — and is a solid athlete for his size…a really pretty swing that can be fine tuned to get more power from down the line…

The Arms

Deck McGuire | RHP | Georgia Tech – He’s a safe pick, but I’d like somebody with a little more upside in the first round

Cody Buckel | RHP | Royal HS (California) – Scouts don’t like him as much because he’s an undersized pitcher. However, he’s got big boy mechanics and a fastball to match

Cam Bedrosian | RHP | East Coweta HS (Georgia) – Real good present stuff and command…should move quickly for a prep pitcher based on his stuff and feel for pitching…has Major League bloodlines

Asher Wojciechowski, RHP, The Citadel - A little undersized, but a good athlete and a solid repertoire of pitches

Michael Foltynewicz | RHP | Minooka HS (Illinois) – Some concern about his breaking ball, but I think it shows enough potential for him to be worthy of a late first round draft pick

Jordan Swagerty | RHP | Arizona State – Used as a reliever with ASU, he’s intriguing because he throws three quality pitches and commands all of them well, which might make him a potential convert to starting

Aaron Sanchez | RHP | Barstow HS (California) – Tremendous athlete…real projectable body and smooth looking mechanics…really high upside arm

Scott Frazier, RHP, Upland HS (California) – Big time arm strength and a great frame, but he has trouble repeating his mechanics and his command is real iffy…not sure I’d trust him with a high round draft pick

Tyrell Jenkins | RHP | Henderson HS (Texas) – He’s raw, but he shows enough potential where a team that knows how develop players can turn him into a top level pitcher with some small tweaks here and there


  • Tara said:

    Wondered if you would share more thoughts on your comment about
    Jarrett Parker. You wrote, “He’s a good athlete, but I just don’t see his game translating well to the pro level.”

    I’m not partial to Jarrett, don’t even know him, but wondered from your perspective about translating a players game. That’s interesting to me and obviously I’m just learning.

    I loved reading your reflections on the players. It provides points for me to look for in players and to work with in mine, a 13-year old who loves the game.

  • Alex Eisenberg (author) said:

    I’d be happy to, Tara.

    To start with his swing, he’s improved it since 2009, but it’s still pretty mechanical and stiff. His timing can be thrown off and he ends up relying on his arms to generate his power. He struggles to recognize off-speed pitches and he struggles to cover the outside corner. I don’t think he covers the plate that well.

    But a lot of it has to do with the numbers. He can’t hit lefties (opens up too soon, can’t layoff that breaking ball that runs across the plate low and away). He swings-and-misses a lot and somebody with his type of strikeout rates don’t translate to pro ball at a high rate. He also struggled mightily with wood bats in the Cape Cod League.

    Of course, this isn’t an exact science. He has athleticism. He has bat speed. He has power when he square up on the ball. And nobody says he’s unable to get better as a player. But as he is right now, he’s a long shot to be a successful Major League player.

  • Tara said:

    Thanks for the complete insight!