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Quick Take: Scouting Gavin Cecchini

May 16, 2013 BY ALEX EISENBERG One Comment

Keeping with the brothers theme we’ve had recently, it’s time to take a quick look at at New York Mets prospect Gavin Cecchini (see brother Garin Cecchini’s report here and Corey Seager, brother of Kyle Seager — his report is here).

The younger Cecchini comes from a great baseball family and it shows up in his baseball IQ. His feel for the game is very advanced for his age.

Like his brother when he was drafted, Cecchini comes equipped with a great baseball frame. He’s a good athlete with room to get bigger, and he moves very well for his size. My notes on his swing (in somewhat free-flowing, unstructured form):

He produces natural bat speed…has nice swing plane. Keeps a short swing and gets good loft. He should produce plenty of balls in the air, which should play up power output. He uses a toe tap as a timing mechanism and to generate forward momentum. His swing can be a little stiff at times. He doesn’t look as fluid going the other way and at this point seems to be a much better pull hitter.

Cecchini will also sometimes get too far out on his front foot, but he can still produce hard contact by keeping his hands back. He can spoil pitches where he’s fooled.

Cecchini is a good athlete with soft hands. He can play any infield position, though he’s almost certainly a third baseman as a pro. His footwork is sound.

Cecchini will likely make his debut this year with one of the Mets’ short season affiliates.

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  • Sauron said:

    Why do you project him to be a third baseman and not a shortstop?