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Jess Todd to the Bullpen: the Right Move?

April 15, 2009 BY ALEX EISENBERG One Comment

If you hadn’t read my post regarding the top prospect lists, please click here. The short version is for the second time in less than a year, my hard drive crashed on me and the scouting reports for the teams yet to have a prospect list published were erased. So I will be starting fresh by taking requests, compiling individual scouting reports on prospects and major league players, writing mechanics-based articles, and preparing for the upcoming draft. There will be an emphasis on teams that did not have a prospect list published.

The last article I was able to write before the crash was a piece I did on Jess Todd for the site Pitchers Hit Eighth. An excerpt on the mechanics of Todd:

Todd’s mechanics are mostly clean and he repeats them well. He’s sorta a tall-and-fall pitcher, but he’s able to lead with his hips by employing a tilting of the shoulders. He then uses what is called a “step-over” move where it looks as if he’s stepping over an imaginary object. The move enables Todd to increase his stride length and it kick-starts an aggressive hip rotation. Yeah, there’s some effort to his delivery, but I think it’s more of a perceived effort because of the busy lower body actions Todd employs.

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    • Pitchers Hit Eighth said:

      Jess has been called up to the big club! Time for Cardinal fans to see those mechanics in action…