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Corey Seager: Scouting Report

May 1, 2013 BY ALEX EISENBERG 2 Comments

The brother of Seattle Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager, the younger Seager is the more highly regarded of the two. Whether he develops into a productive Major League player like his brother will be determined at some other time.

For now, we project. Corey Seager has a muscular build — bigger than his brother was at the same age — but still has plenty of room to add weight and strength.

Seager has a great feel for the game. He seems to understand nuances that many his age don’t grasp yet. He strikes a good balance between aggressiveness and patience and his overall approach is sound. The following is what I wrote down watching his swing…no format, just my thoughts as I watched:

Pretty left handed swing. Quick hands. Late acceleration. Very good bat speed. Fliner stroke — produces line drives, fly balls and the in between. Keeps bat head in the zone for a good length of time. Bat stays pretty close to body on his swing, but path to the hitting zone a little long. Might need to shorten up as a pro, which is an adjustment I’m sure he can make. He can get anxious. Has to work on staying back, allowing the ball to travel, and then unloading.

So overall a lot to like with his swing.

In the field, he has smooth actions and nice soft hands. Right now he can play each infield position. Looked quite comfortable at 2nd base. But you have to figure as he adds size, he’s likely to shift over to third base.

As a runner he has better than average speed, but again with added size, he’s likely to slow down. Still, I figure he’d be good for 10 stolen bases annually.

Seager has gotten off to a strong start in Low-A Great Lakes. The strikeouts are a little high, but he’s walking at a solid rate and showing power in a league that’s tough to hit for power in. He’s also hitting a line drives on 30% of the balls he puts into play, though take that number with a grain of salt.

We’ll check back in with Seager later this year.

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