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Premium Content Scouting Tanner Bushue vs. Eliezer Mesa and Jared Clark

May 7, 2010 BY ALEX EISENBERG No Comments Yet

MATCH-UP – Asheville Tourists (Colorado Rockies) at Lexington Legends (Houston Astros)

KEY PROSPECTS WE’RE WATCHINGTanner Bushue (RHP, Astros), Eliezer Mesa (CF, Rockies), and Jared Clark (1b, Rockies)



A quick note on video structure…videos are edited to include only key and legitimate prospects. Time between pitches and between innings are edited out. Some commercials are left in out of respect for the companies that purchase ad buys.

I use time markers for when a particular hitter comes up to bat or a certain pitcher enters the game so you don’t have to shuffle through the video looking for key players. Games are edited so you can scout and evaluate a prospect in the most convenient and quickest way possible.

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Tanner Bushue | RHP | Houston Astros

Tanner Bushue was a second round selection for the Houston Astros in 2009 and I labeled him one of my sleeper prospects for 2010, while ranking him as the No. 4 prospect in the Houston Astros organization.

Bushue showed off a couple change-ups, which he displayed a…

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