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Scouting Rockies Draft Pick Tyler Matzek

June 2, 2009 BY ALEX EISENBERG 8 Comments

I’ve stayed quiet so far in regards to the 2009 baseball draft as I’ll be doing most of my draft reports after the draft, but I do want to provide some thoughts on a some of the top players leading up to the draft, specifically the high school pitching prospects in hopes that people will be able to differentiate what each prospect offers.

Amongst the top left handed pitching high school prospects in this year’s draft are: Tyler Matzek, Matt Purke, and Tyler Skaggs. We start with Matzek…

*Edited on 6/3/09 – Added text is in italics below

Tyler Matzek | LHP | Capistrano Valley High School in California

Label – The Safe Pick

Signability – Pretty good bet to sign based on most reports

Teams Linked to Matzek – He’s been linked to most teams in the top-10 with the exception of Washington at No. 1. Matzek seems most linked to San Francisco and Cincinnati.

Body Type – Very good pitcher’s build with some projection remaining


Fastball – 90 – 94 with above average life…shows an ability to sink or cut the pitch…uses it to both sides of the plate…controls it well, but the actual command of the pitch could still use some work…potential for an increase in velocity as he continues to fill out his frame

*Edited on 6/3/09 – Keith Law made a comment in his latest mock draft that said Matzek was sitting 94 – 96 and even touched 98 during his last outing. That would be very interesting if true, and would probably make him the standout pitcher of the draft after Strasburg.

Slider – Clocked between 82 and 84…good break across the plate…gets right handers to swing over top of it

Curveball – Slow 11-to-6 curve clocked in the low 70′s…an excellent change-of-pace pitch to use when hitters are sitting on something hard…a little inconsistent as he’s prone to hanging it at times

Change-Up – An average pitch, which may not sound like much, but you have to consider the fact that many high school level pitchers don’t even show a feel for a change-up, let alone have an average one.


*Credit to baseballfactoryTV

Clean, though unspectacular mechanics…employs a sort of twist or turn of his upper body as he strides into foot plant in order to generate a healthy amount of separation between his torso and hips. He also scap loads well, stretching the elastic muscles and tendons in the shoulder region, which helps with velocity.

*Edited on 6/3/09 – I previous said Matzek’s arm action had a little length to it, but I watched a little more video on Matzek today and I actually don’t think that’s the case. In fact, his arm action is pretty short and quick from the point in which he breaks his hands to release.

Other Notes

Doesn’t have explosive stuff, but does everything well. Has an advanced feel for pitching, especially for a high schooler and could move much quicker than your typical prep arm.

Best Case Outcome – Front of the rotation starter…probably closer to a No. 2 than a No. 1

*Edited on 6/3/09 – On the heels of Law’s new report on Matzek, you could easily make the claim Matzek is a potential No. 1. But sometimes velocity estimates get overblown. Can Matzek continue to stay in the 94 – 96 range or was it simply a fluke? That’s for the teams who have scouted him a countless number of times to decide.

More Likely Outcome – No. 3 starter

Also See - Matt Purke

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    • Erik said:

      I’d be really curious to get your take on Matt Purke. He doesn’t use his lower body at all and he really whips his arm. I’m afraid he’s gonna hurt himself, but not before some team signs him for $3-$5M first.

    • Alex Eisenberg (author) said:

      Purke I hope to have out by tomorrow (or today since it’s past midnight). The arm action is risky, sure, because it picks up speed late and has to catch up with the rest of his body. Good for velocity, though risky to do. But the arm whip is a good thing…it’s simply a sign of a tension free, loose arm.

      With that said, you’re right about the lower body…he doesn’t use it well. And his frame bothers me as well. He’s described as projectable, but his frame is thin and skinny pitchers tend to breakdown at a higher rate than other body types. He’s got a lot of good qualities to him and his upside is certainly high, but there is some definite risk to drafting Purke, especially at that price range.

      Are the Cardinals showing interest in him? He doesn’t seem like the type of pitcher they’d draft.

    • Mike Ketchen said:


      Great stuff here, I am new to your site and must say I am very impressed and hope you keep the quality pieces coming. As for Maztek, does his delivery remind you of Lester? I could not help but notice similar action through his stride and core, as well as the release point.

    • Alex Eisenberg (author) said:

      Mike, thanks for the kind words.

      I can see a few similarities between Matzek and Lester, but the differences stand out to me most.

      The arm actions are sorta similar, but Lester breaks his hands later and starts his arm circle from a lower spot. Both are straight-armers in a sense, though Lester really defines that quality. The other big difference I notice is the posture when the arm reaches vertical. You’ll notice Matzek’s chest is puffed out and his back is on a curve. In Lester’s case he’s much more upright.

      I actually think the comparison is a pretty solid one, but not a perfect one. I haven’t found that perfect comparison for Matzek yet.

    • john said:

      The thing I notice about Matzek is that he has really long arms.
      He also doeesn’t use the pitcher’s traingle after his balance point. He kind of drifts


    • Alex Eisenberg (author) said:

      He does have long arms, which in effect allows him to release the ball closer to home plate.

    • Rick said:

      Tyler A Matzek

      I think this is the guy Brent Strom said trained with a disciple of Mike Marshall and has tried to mix Marshall’s ideas with traditional pitching motion. As Brent said “A partial Marshall.” This may explain the long arm action.

      Here is Mr Strom’s reply to me about a presentation at Wolforth’s coach’s clinic.

      Me:I just received the videos the 2009 Pitching Central Pitching Coaches Boot Camp. You were talking about “partial Marshall” mechainics. Watching Nix’s presentation and it seemed that he was pretty much straight Marshall technique.

      Strom:Believe he is still beholding to Marshall, doesn’t want to deviate away too much for whatever reason but I have seen his pitchers in action, training and if one didn’t know what to look for in the delivery one wouldn’t know that there was some Marshall in it. The term “partial marshall” actually comes from another guy who is certified in the Marshall technique and offers both to his clients. Just so happens one of his clients at age 12 started the partial and he was a #1 draft choice this past year. (Maztek)

      you can contact him at Bstrom6000@aol.com