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Premium Content The Mechanics of Lucas Sims

September 11, 2013 BY ALEX EISENBERG One Comment

This is a follow up article to my scouting report on Braves right handed pitching prospect Lucas Sims. Part 2 is a breakdown of Sims’ pitching mechanics and explains why I’m optimistic that Sims will be able to overcome his early-career control problems…

Rhythm is a very important attribute to have in a delivery. Without rhythm, it is much harder to coordinate all the different components that goes into your delivery. Watch Sims and see the hands start a little under chest high. They drop low as his left foot steps back. As his left knee rises, so do his hands. They both reach their pinnacle and start their drop at the same time as well. The hands then break on the way down just before he starts his stride.

When Sims struggles to find the strike zone, he gets out of rhythm. The delivery becomes a bit staggered, rather than smooth and fluid. Where Sims can get out of sync is during his stride. Notice the…

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