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Thoughts and Links for 10-6-09

October 6, 2009 BY ALEX EISENBERG No Comments Yet
  • Crawfish Boxes implores readers to compare and contrast the managing styles and philosophies of Red Sox GM Theo Epstein and Astros GM Ed Wade. The article is based off a piece by Joe Posnanski in which he lays out that it’s not only money that makes Boston successful. For me, Boston’s FO doesn’t just use intelligence, but they use common sense and logic. Runs scored and RBIs are essentially meaningless. They are team-independent stats. How do you score runs? You have to get on base. It’s a simple concept. Get on base and you will score runs.
  • A couple interesting posts by R.J. Anderson and Erik Hahmann of DraysBay:

  • First, Anderson looks at Tim Beckham, his error rate, his potential for improvement, and the likelihood he’ll have to switch positions down the line
  • Second, Hahmann notes how Matt Garza was the unluckies pitcher in Major League Baseball last season
  • The Cub Reporter has a well detailed report on some of the top Cubs prospects in the Arizona Instructional League
  • EJ Fagan of the Yankee Universe asks, just how good is Jesus Montero? (H/T to River Avenue Blues)
  • Chris of Bay City Ball (one of the better sabermetrically-oriented sites out there) gives his end of the year thoughts on the Giants 2009 season
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