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Quick Take: White Sox Pitcher Dan Hudson

September 18, 2009 BY ALEX EISENBERG One Comment

A pitcher I liked heading into the 2008 draft was Chicago White Sox 5th round pick Dan Hudson. I liked him because of his propensity to miss bats while not having his control or command suffer in the process. One reason he was able to miss bats was because of the movement and life on his fastball. I know it’s an old clip (it’s Hudson’s draft video from 2008), but it’s a good example of the type of movement possessed by his fastball…

*Credit to the MLB Scouting Bureau

The pitch looks like its headed straight for the camera before tailing back to the catcher’s mitt.

Hudson’s arm action is long and loopy, but it’s because of that arm action that allows him to get so much movement on his fastball. That’s the tradeoff he makes. In addition to his fastball, Hudson features a slider, curveball, and change-up, with the curveball having above average potential.

From a mechanics standpoint, I’ve touched on the arm action, but I really like his intent and aggressiveness. However, he throws a little across his body and doesn’t always get the best extension out in front, cutting his finish a little short.

When all is said and done, Hudson has the chance to be a No. 3 starter at the big league level, but some think his role would be better served as a multi-inning reliever.

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